Venus balls light or heavy? Picking the right weight for your pelvic floor

Eva Zubec

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Not sure which size of Venus balls to choose? Our size guide can help you make the right choice, giving you confidence that your purchase is exactly what you’re looking for. Regardless of whether you’re getting the balls for yourself or as a gift for a partner, a sister, or a friend.

What are Venus balls used for?

Although Venus balls are commonly perceived by the public as an erotic aid, at Whoop·de·doo, we’ve been highlighting their impact on women's health – and on the soul – for years. Wearing them is not only an intimate experience but is also closely tied to the way the pelvic floor works. And that, in turn, is connected to a wide range of physiological and other health aspects 

How can Venus balls help?

  1. Venus balls serve as a tool for the prevention and potential elimination of incontinence.
  2. They assist in the recovery of the pelvic floor muscles after pregnancy, childbirth, or gynaecological procedures.
  3. They may ease painful menstruation or ovulation.
  4. They increase libido, contribute to a more intense sexual experience, and sensitize the vaginal walls.
  5. They help women discover and explore the entire pelvic floor area and learn how to be aware of it and work with it.

How do the balls work?

Venus balls work on the centuries-old principle of "balls within balls". Inserted into the vagina, the inner balls begin to move with the slightest motion, causing pleasant vibrations. These vibrations gently massage the vaginal walls and stimulate blood circulation. At the same time, they compel the wearer to spontaneously contract the vaginal muscles, resulting in alternating activation and relaxation of the entire area.

If a woman wears Venus balls at least twice a week for two hours, noticeable results should become apparent in about a month. The effect of the balls is enhanced by movement, i.e. walking or running, dancing, yoga, etc. However, we recommend starting slowly and gradually testing how your body responds to the balls.

Wearing Venus balls can be a pleasant ritual where you focus solely on yourself.

What size is right for me?

On the market, you can find a vast range of Venus balls from various manufacturers, with different sizes, weights, and materials. Product designer Anna Marešová, who designs and develops all Whoop·de·doo products, has gradually created three weight categories based on her customers’ preferences: Light 41 g, Classic 65 g, and Noir heavy 102 g.

  • Light 41 g is primarily intended for women who have recently given birth or struggle with incontinence or other gynaecological issues, such as uterine or bladder prolapse. You can choose from white and red variants.
  • Classic 65 g is suitable for women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor and intensify their intimate moments, yet who do not suffer from serious pelvic floor dysfunction. It's the most popular option among our customers and ideal as a gift. Available in white and red.
  • Noir heavy 102 g is designed for advanced users of Venus balls longing for a perfectly toned pelvic floor, rewarding them with spectacular orgasms. These balls are available in black.  
When choosing Venus balls, pay attention primarily to the quality of the material.

The balls in all three categories have the same diameter and differ only in weight and the type of material used for the inner balls. Whoop·de·doo Venus Balls are manufactured in the Czech Republic from high-quality medical-grade silicone, representing the absolute top in the field of intimate aids. The material is very gentle on the female body, hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and 100% hygienic with proper care. Thanks to this, the surface of the aid is soft and velvety.

We recommend consulting with a gynaecologist or physiotherapist before wearing the balls, especially if you are dealing with more severe pelvic floor health issues or are currently pregnant.

Who in this world knows your body better than you do?

Nobody! If after reading this guide you’re still not sure, try tuning into your body and deciding based on how it functions in other parts of your life. If you know how to work with your pelvic floor and just want to give it a little more attention, opt for heavier balls. If this area is a big unknown for you and you aren’t familiar with breathing exercises to relax muscles, and you have various intimacy-related issues building up, go for the lightest option. 

Your choice could also be advised by a physiotherapist experienced in solving pelvic floor issues, a gynaecologist, or even a yoga instructor. If you combine use of Venus balls with proper breathing and posture and fix minor movement quirks, you’ll soon feel better throughout your body. 

And if you're still unsure, don't hesitate to come to our studio. Sometimes, it's good to simply pick the balls up, hold them for a while, and let your intuition be your guide.

Photo: Adam Dvořák

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