Venus Balls

The Whoop·de·doo Venus Balls activate and strengthen the pelvic floor. They increase libido and intensify intimate enjoyment. They also effectively treat and even prevent incontinence.  

  • Ergonomic and very discreet
  • Velvety smooth surface made from medical-grade silicone
  • Developed in collaboration with a gynaecologist
  • Developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic

One size,
three different weights

Venus Balls Light

Gentle strengthening of the pelvic floor after childbirth or to treat incontinence.

Venus Balls Noir Heavy

Intensive strengthening of the pelvic floor and a deep orgasm.


Venus Balls Classic

Normal strengthening of the pelvic floor and greater intimate enjoyment.

When I first saw them and tried them, I was ecstatic. They work perfectly and, moreover, are simply beautiful and unlike any other Venus balls.

Aly Dolečková

professional tester of erotic aids

Who are the Venus Balls
suitable for?

The Venus Balls are suitable for women of any age who want to strengthen the pelvic floor, enjoy a more intense sexual experience, and make it easier to reach orgasm. Also suitable for those who want a non-invasive way to prevent or even eliminate incontinence

How do the Venus Balls

The Venus Balls are inserted into the vagina, where they emit a vibration every time you move. This increases circulation in the vaginal wall, stimulates the pelvic floor, and brings about a pleasant sensation, thanks to which you begin to automatically contract the vaginal muscles and make them stronger.   

    With regular use of the Venus Balls, you’ll notice a change in as little as four weeks.

    Regular use of
    the Venus Balls

    1. Boosts libido, intensifies intimate enjoyment and orgasm.
    2. Prevents and even eliminates incontinence, eases symptoms.
    3. Provides relief from menstrual cramps or painful ovulation.
    4. Helps revitalize the pelvic floor after pregnancy, childbirth, or gynaecological procedures.
    5. Teaches you how to consciously work with your pelvic floor during normal activities and sex.
      The pelvic floor and its needs change over time. That’s why we designed the Venus Balls in three weight categories.

      Designed by a woman
      for women

      In developing the Venus Balls, I consulted with a gynaecologist who has years of experience with them and recommends them to women to strengthen the pelvic floor. She helped me with the ergonomics and the user guide for correct insertion.

      Anna Marešová

      product designer and founder of Whoop·de·doo

      It was great to work with Anna on the development of the Venus Balls. I’m grateful that I can finally offer my patients beautiful and high-quality aids.

      Petra Vrzáčková

      MD, gynaecologist, sexologist, and psychotherapist

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