Venus Balls

Venus Balls Classic

Venus Balls for normal strengthening of the pelvic floor and increased blood flow to the vaginal muscles. For a more intense intimate experience and prevention and treatment of incontinence. Weight 65 g. Delivery time 1-5 days.


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2.590 CZK
Venus Balls
Venus Balls Classic
2.590 CZK

6 reasons you'll fall in love
with the Whoop·de·doo Venus Balls

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    Minimalistic and affectionate design

    Designed by a woman for women. Sensitive with an emphasis on functionality, ergonomics, and sustainability.

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    Functional and discreet

    The Venus Balls activate the muscles of the pelvic floor with even the smallest movements. The inner balls are encased in silicone, which makes them completely silent and discreet.

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    100% medical-grade silicone

    A premium material that’s hypoallergenic, kind to the body, easy to clean, and entirely odourless.

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    Developed in collaboration with a gynaecologist

    Thanks to her recommendations, we know the Venus Balls are the right size and beneficial to women’s health.

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    Increased appetite and more powerful orgasm

    Regular use awakens the pelvic floor and boosts libido, and intimate experiences take on a whole new dimension. You’ll notice a difference after only four weeks.

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    Treatment and prevention of incontinence

    Ideal for women after childbirth, following a gynaecological procedure, or during menopause.

Perfected to
the very last detail

More about the Venus Balls Classic 65 g
65 g
ball diameter 32 mm, total length 18 cm, length of balls 7.5 cm
medical-grade silicone certified by the Czech National Institute of Public Health
Inner balls
vibrating steel balls
Package contents
Venus Balls, slatted cover, user guide, certificate of authenticity
designed and made in the Czech Republic

Who are the Venus Balls Classic
suitable for?

  • Women who want to truly enjoy their intimacy to the fullest. Intensively, deliberately, and with the type of orgasm they like best.
  • Women who want to prevent incontinence or ease symptoms by carefully and gently working with their bodies.
  • Women who want to feel womanly and attractive at any age and enjoy their intimate experiences alone or share them with a partner.
  • Men who want to please their partners with a beautiful and functional aid that ultimately means pleasure for both.
I noticed an improvement after only four weeks of using the Venus Balls. During the day, they constantly make me think about what I’m going to do with my partner in the evening. And he’s definitely noticed the increased intensity of my orgasms.

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Designed by a woman
for women

Like the other products, I designed the Venus Balls in the spirit of the overall philosophy of Whoop·de·doo. It was important to me that they be functional, hygienic, and free of any unnecessary protrusions and seams. In short, they had to be completely clean and made locally through high-quality and sustainable manufacturing.

Anna Marešová

product designer and founder of Whoop·de·doo

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