What’s the right way to lovingly care for your intimate aids?

Eva Zubec

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We have them so close to our bodies that it can’t get any closer. But how do we make sure that using them is always safe? Whoop·de·doo has a number of tender and affectionate tips on how to maintain the cleanliness of your menstrual cup, Venus balls, vibrator, and other intimate products.

Proper care starts with choosing the right intimate aid

The way you take care of your product throughout its lifetime is determined by its design. So don’t go making any impulsive purchases – do a little market research and choose an intimate aid that’s a great investment, not a burden. 

What to look for:

  1. Go for a minimalist design. The fewer grooves, holes, and raised details for bacteria to grow in and around, the better.
  2. For durability and a high level of hygiene, choose a quality material. At Whoop·de·doo, we’ve had only the best experiences with medical-grade silicone. It’s non-porous and highly resistant to water, cleaning products, lubricants, and temperature changes.
  3. Consider the practicality of the color scheme. A transparent menstrual cup might be pretty, but nobody knows what it’ll look like after a year of intensive use.
Our Whoop·de·doo Menstrual Cup and other aids are solid-colored and non-transparent, so you always know when they’re clean and in tip-top shape. 

Consistency and tenderness for perfect cleanliness

We probably don’t have to remind you that you should thoroughly wash your intimate aid after each use. For a vibrator or Venus balls, a good rinse with some warm water and a mild, quality intimate hygiene soap will do the trick. It’s also a good idea to occasionally boil the aid in water or sterilize it in a different way. This is particularly important for a menstrual cup, which you should definitely sterilize after each period and then again before using it next time. 

  • You can achieve the same sterilizing effect as boiling water by putting your intimate aid in the freezer. 

  • There are also special UV radiation and ozone sterilization boxes or pouches available on the market that deliver perfect cleanliness in a matter of minutes.

  • You can use sterilization tablets that dissolve in water. Just let the intimate aid soak in the solution for a little bit and then rinse it with clean water.

  • Always check first whether a particular sterilization method might harm your intimate aid.

  • When it comes to disinfection, you should choose products made specially for use on intimate aids.

Once your intimate aid is clean, put it a textile bag or another suitable container and store it in a safe and clean place. And don’t forget to wash your hands before using it again.

Caring for your menstrual cup is surprisingly easy.

Don’t underestimate care before the first use. 

While it might be tempting to unwrap a new menstrual cup or Venus balls and use them straight away, we wouldn’t recommend doing that. Especially with cheaper products, there’s no guarantee that they were manufactured in truly hygienic conditions and that immediate use is safe.

At Whoop·de·doo, we carefully monitor every step of the manufacturing process, from assembly to packaging and shipping. Even so, we recommend letting the anticipation build just a little bit longer and taking a few minutes to sterilize your product in boiling water before using for the first time.

A lifesaver on hikes, at festivals, and at work

Ok, so emptying and rinsing your cup in the comfort of your own bathroom is no big deal, right? It’s when you’re out and about that things can get interesting, especially in places where there isn’t any clean running water, or in a workplace restroom that you have to share with colleagues. In situations like these, a little bottle of clean water and a handy cleaning spray for intimate aids tucked in your purse will save the day. 

photo Adam Dvořák

Simply rinse the cup, apply the spray in a thin layer, let it work for a few seconds, rinse again with water, and dry with a tissue or toilet paper. You can then reinsert it without fear of infection. This method can also be used to care for your vibrator, Venus balls, or any other intimate aid. The spray is entirely safe to use on medical-grade silicone, which is what all Whoop·de·doo intimate aids are made of. And it smells really nice, too!

If you’ve got another tip that has proven useful in caring for intimate aids, we’d love to add it to this article. Reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram.

Translation by John Spence

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