About our values
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There may be many intimate aids, but there’s only one Whoop·de·doo. It started out innocently, as the thesis of a product design student and one of today’s leading Czech designers, Anna Maresova, who decided to create products that women would love and could indulge in.


To enjoy intimacy freely, naturally, and to the fullest. That’s the Whoop·de·doo mission.
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Ergonomics, function
and aesthetics

Anna founded Whoop·de·doo ten years ago and continues to manage the brand and design all of its products. Whoop·de·doo always has a unique design that naturally combines appearance, function, and ergonomics. Our philosophy is purity of form, functionality, and precision manufacturing.

All of our products have a velvety surface with no visible seams or unnecessary protrusions. This makes them completely safe and hygienic.  

Anna’s thesis dedicated to the design of a new vibrator, venus balls, and vibrating egg won several student awards and attracted the interest of the media. Upon completing her studies, she decided to bring her designs to life and began developing them as products.
The first product Anna introduced to the public were the venus balls. The pilot series sold out in only a few days. She then opened her own design studio and began winning one prestigious award after another.
After intensive development and a successful crowdfunding campaign, the Whoop·de·doo vibrator finally saw the light of day. Aesthetically and technologically revolutionary, christened by singer Tonya Graves.
The product portfolio was expanded with new variants, and Whoop·de·doo embarked on its first collaboration with artist Lukáš Musil, who created a series of unique illustrations for the vibrator, giving rise to the limited Musa Edition.
At the end of 2019, Anna introduced her first Whoop·de·doo pop-up store at Prague’s Westfield Chodov shopping mall. It was a world first – never before had intimate products been displayed in a shopping mall without masking.
Anna introduced the long-awaited menstrual cup and thus opened an entirely new topic of intimacy. She also focused on the topic of menstruation in her first podcast series Přiznej barvu (Show Your Colour), which was created in collaboration with Martin Tvrdý and Mary C.
New products appear in the Whoop·de·doo lineup. In addition to the intimate aids, there is now a cleaning spray and a lube in two scents – cotton and rosemary.
Anna introduces a new identity for the Whoop·de·doo brand and with it a new website. There are also plans for a new series of the Přiznej barvu podcast and a menstrual calendar app.

Ethically, locally,
and sustainably 

Because every detail counts, and because we want only the very best for you, we personally oversee all stages of the development and manufacturing processes. All of our products are made locally using certified durable materials.

We know that manufacturing takes place under conditions that are safe for everyone involved, and we constantly pursue the highest possible quality for those who use our products.


About our manufacturing

Freely, openly,
and naturally

Whoop·de·doo is far more than high-quality intimate products. We approach the topics of sexuality and sexual health with a natural casualness and sensitivity. Whether it be the orgasm, menstruation, a weakened pelvic floor following childbirth, incontinence, or communication with one’s partner about time shared in bed.  

Designed by a woman
for women

When I was designing the aids, I realized how important intimacy is to me and how hard it is to talk about it. Talking openly, freely, and naturally about things that make us women feel good gradually became my personal mission.

Anna Marešová

product designer and founder of Whoop·de·doo

Recommended by experts 
in women's physical and emotional health

Finally. I can now recommend intimate aids to my patients that are not only high quality but also beautiful. I’m very grateful.

Petra Vrzáčková

gynaecologist and sexologist, M.D.

A design tuned 
to women's needs

Whoop·de·doo comprises a team of detail-oriented enthusiasts headed by designer Anna Maresova. We’re serious about details. We care about what our products look like inside and out, about how they’re packaged, and about how they get to you.


Anna Marešová

designer and founder of Whoop·de·doo


Sergej Kuckir

product designer


Jiří Toman

graphic designer


Adam Dvořák

graphic designer and photographer

Our products have won

Tested by women
like you

Without them, Whoop·de·doo wouldn’t be what it is today. They support us, push us, and motivate us. With enthusiasm and humour, they test the products before we introduce them to you. They are our muses, our friends, and our consultants, and we admire them just they way they are.


Whoop·de·doo in every home!

Tonya Graves

singer and patroness of Whoop·de·doo

I love the same things about Anna that I do about her products: tenderness, beauty, the fact that they make our days nicer and more loving. To me, Anna and Whoop·de·doo are caressing and caring in one. It’s love.

Adéla Elbel

stand-up comedian and moderator

For me, Whoop·de·doo is tenderness towards intimacy combined with beauty, art. It’s the pleasure and earthiness and deep respect found in each of Anna’s products. It’s amazing, timeless, ingenious, and precise

Petra Nesvačilová

film director and actress

I love Whoop·de·doo. The Vibrator is just as important to me as, say, a good night cream. I even feel like it also smooths my wrinkles!

Miss Cool Cat

burlesque performer

I admit that what I love most about this brand is the design of their products. The flawless combination of the original minimalism and functionality with something so personal was the reason I fell in love with Whoop·de·doo.

Terezie Kovalová


Tonya Graves
Adéla Elbel
Petra Nesvačilová
Miss Cool Cat
Terezie Kovalová
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Be a part of us

We like to create lasting partnerships with people who share our values and enthusiasm for design and intimacy and who speak freely about related topics. We’re open to collaboration with distributors, the media, influencers, and content creators. 

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