The Whoop·de·doo Menstrual Cup is a menstrual aid suitable for all women and girls who want a carefree and healthy period with no pain or worries about leakage.  


  • Firm and soft at the same time
  • Stay dry for up to 12 hours day or night
  • Velvety soft surface made from medical-grade silicone
  • Designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic

Two sizes, one
perfect cup


Menstrual Cup Duo Pack

Weaker and stronger period.

Menstrual Cup Classic

Stronger period or beginning.

Menstrual Cup Light

Weaker period or lighter bleeding.

Thanks to the Whoop·de·doo Menstrual Cup, I always sail through my period with comfort and confidence.

Adéla Skřivánková

editor of lifestyle magazine Žena a život

What's a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a sustainable alternative to single-use menstrual aids. Even with intensive use, the Whoop·de·doo Menstrual Cup will last up to 5 years without any change in quality whatsoever. In that time, you’ll save approximately 1,200 single-use pads and tampons. It’s made from medical-grade silicone, which is gentle on the body, doesn’t dry the mucous membrane, and is 100% hygienic.

How does the Menstrual Cup work?

The cup is inserted into the vagina, where gentle suction holds it in place to catch menstrual blood for up to 12 hours. This means you have complete control over your period without any odours. Simply rinse it out and put it back in. The tip is finished in a soft ball that facilitates removal and is very comfortable to wear. 


    The Whoop·de·doo Menstrual Cup is an absolute game changer. Thanks to it you can enjoy a carefree and pain-free period.

    Why you'll love
    the Menstrual Cup

    1. You can wear it all day and even at night when you’re asleep. Work out, swim, surf.
    2. The Menstrual Cup requires no complicated care. During your period, you simply rinse it out and put it back in.
    3. Unlike tampons, the Menstrual Cup doesn’t press against the cervix, so using it is painless and can even help ease menstrual cramps.
    4. With proper care, it’s very gentle on the vaginal mucous membrane and can help prevent mycoses.
    5. You know exactly how strong your period is and what phase it’s in.
    6. It makes life easier. You don’t have to worry about buying hygiene products each month.
    7. Your period is completely odourless.
      We designed it to work perfectly, to be attractive, and to blend in with your body so that you completely forget you have your period.

      Designed by a woman
      for women

      It’s amazing how many details you can change on such a small product and make it genuinely functional. It’s firm yet soft at the same time, and the shape ensures there are no unpleasant pressure points. I have my own experience with it, and I’m very pleased by all the enthusiastic feedback.

      Anna Marešová

      product designer and founder of Whoop·de·doo

      After all the misery and very uncomfortable years of using pads and tampons, I’m so grateful to have a cup! And the one from Whoop·de·doo? Unabated love. Soft, velvety, beautiful... It’s never failed me. A must-have for all of us!

      Terezie Kovalová

      Terezie Kovalová, cellist and Whoop·de·doo muse

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