We like being together

We like creating lasting partnerships with likeminded people.

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Become a distributor

We work with designer boutiques, shops specializing in women’s health and sustainable shopping, galleries, pharmacies, and gynaecologists. If you’d like to sell Whoop·de·doo products, let us know. We’ll get back to you right away.

If you have a blog and are active on social media, you can apply to our affiliate platform. 


Sales manager

sales manager

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Write about us

Interested in doing an interview with designer Anna Maresova? Would you like her to attend your event as a guest or speaker? Get in touch.



Become a friend of Whoop·de·doo

Tonya Graves, Adéla Elbel, Miss Cool Cat, Petra Nesvačilová, and Terezie Kovalová. Our muses, our ambassadors. Without them, Whoop·de·doo could never be what it is. Does Whoop·de·doo appeal to you? We could do great things together. Write us, call us. Let’s make a match.

Klára Jakubová

social media manager

This is what our collaboration might look like

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Adéla Elbel
We adore Adela the way she is. Funny, smart, and absolutely straightforward. She got us with her standup about Venus balls.
Ester & Josefina
The best therapy is the shared one. That being said, we and Ester & Josefina shared a give away contest for the funniest message on the vibrator. We are still crying with laughter at all the funny ideas.
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Tonya Graves
We have a long friendship and professional connection with Tonya, the first godmother of Whoop·de·doo. She's also the voice in our audio spots.
Lenka Minarikova
Lenka Minarikova is our favourite yogi who tried our balls during yoga. And how did it turn out? Read on her at the Instagram.
Tělo s příběhem
When something makes sense, we go for it. Tělo s příbehem spreads enlightenment with the stories about things that are taboos. For example, the menstruation, theme that we opened together with a Whoop·de·doo cups giveaway.
Terezie Kovalová
Terezie was one of the first testers of our menstrual cup. We love her openness and courage to talk about taboo topics ,and not only online.

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We help

Whether it’s participating in charity auctions with the Via Foundation, donating menstrual cups to women in difficult life situations, or sewing masks for hospitals in the early stages of the pandemic, we offer help wherever we can.

I want to collaborate
Because we also have adult products, we have to ask:
 Have you turned 18 already?