Make it just right

Treat yourself and your products to some tender loving care. The kind you love from the very start. Made with respect for your body and our planet.

  • Compositions that are gentle on your body and all Whoop·de·doo products
  • Delicate and clean scents
  • Practical and eco-friendly packages ideal for home and travel 
  • Designed and made in the Czech Republic

Caring extras
for intimate moments

Cotton Lube

Made with natural ingredients and cotton scent.

Cotton Cleaning Spray

With a delicate scent.

Rosemary Lube

Made with natural ingredients and rosemary scent.

Whoop·de·doo thinks of everything. Even of additional care for intimate products and the body.

Kristýna Mazánková

Harper's Bazaar editor

an even bigger experience

The Whoop·de·doo Lubes will take your intimacy to the next level. They minimize soreness and irritation, make it easier to insert the Venus Balls, and significantly increase your chances of reaching orgasm.

Suitable for use with all of our products or all on their own. They have a silky consistence and neutral flavour. So yes, you can even taste them

Give your intimate aids
some love and care

To make sure your intimate enjoyment is completely hygienic and your Whoop·de·doo products last a long time, treat them to regular cleaning. For the ultimate in care, we’ve created the Whoop·de·doo Cleaning Spray with delicate cotton scent.


    Entice all of your senses and bring home more Whoop·de·doo products.

    Designed by a woman
    for women

    I wanted Whoop·de·doo to be the perfect intimate experience, so I designed some extras to entice all the senses. Our lubricants are water based and have a subtle scent and a completely neutral flavour. They’re also organic and have a velvety-smooth consistency.

    Anna Marešová

    product designer and founder of Whoop·de·doo

    Because we also have adult products, we have to ask:
     Have you turned 18 already?